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Dec 14, 2017

Alexa welcomes Vanessa Cuccia to Kaleidoscope Radio! She shares her New York adventure that led to her finding Sexpo, and ultimately, today's guest of honor. She laughs about emoji shaped vibrators and gushes about the amazing sights and sounds of Sexpo.

Vanessa Cuccia is the creator Creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company. She's also the Author of "Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure" coming out soon! She describes the conditions that created some sexual issues within her life, and the creation of her business that helped heal not only her own life, but others with sexual trauma as well.

She explains spirituality from her perspective, and how the crystals play a role in healing from a sensual place. She describes that crystals have a metaphysical element to them that promotes energy flow and healing, and how pairing that with pleasure is very powerful.

Vanessa breaks down energy a little further and describes how the line is made to compliment energy and accentuate pleasure. She also talks about the crystal types, as well as the various ____ eggs available, and the purpose they serve. She also shares how to use them and describes a practice and the range of motions someone can do.

Alexa asks how to charge the crystals, and how to practice good hygiene. Vanessa talks about cleansing, and how to properly cleanse the crystals and releasing the energy. She also explains the 2 parts of crystal care, and how to properly utilize different methods to cleanse and charge crystals.

Alexa also discloses what crystal she keeps in her bra!


"If I'm going to choose a rock for my vagina, it's going to be something she's dealing"

"I needed to reconnect to myself"

"Some people are very sensitive to energy and when they pick up a crystal they'll feel it right away"

"It's symbolic of you taking care of your sexual identity"

"Something doesn't necessarily have to look spiritual for it to be sacred."

"Every part of who you are is sacred and spiritual"


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