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Feb 8, 2018

Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you tap deep into your masculine core, awaken your sexual energy, and harness this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. Referred to by the press as Tantra meets Tony Robbins, Destin Gerek is an internationally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, consciousness, and personal empowerment.  Recognizing the need for new role models for men in these changing times, Destin is dedicated to redefining masculinity for the 21st century.

Alexa begins by introducing Destin, and alluding to him as an erotic rock star, before handing over the spotlight. Destin tells her his views on the #metoo campaign, and what he's observed about the behaviors of men since that campaign began. He also explains what Alexa meant by the Erotic Rock Star, and the adventure that it was.

He talks about the two types of guys: the bad boy, and then the anti-bad boy, and how each identity plays a role in a woman's feeling emotionally safe as well as desired. He also tells Alexa about how he shifted himself away from being considered a serious partner, and what happened when he decided he wanted to change that.

Destin talks about what men can do for modern women, and he and Alexa discuss intuition versus logic and reason. The two also get into conscious sexuality, and how Tantric experiences and BDSM experiences can both create a level of consciousness within a person. Destin also gives some insights throughout the show on what makes an Evolved Man, and the benefits of having that awareness.



“Previous to three months ago, we've had large scale denial that we even had an issue”

“I challenged myself to become the role model that I wished that I had”

“How ever you present yourself to the world, it's a mask”

“Women aren't seeing me as a potential partner, they're seeing me as a fun ride they want to experience”

“There are things that men need to hear from another man”


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