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Nov 2, 2017

Steena Brown's journey has gone from good-little-girl to sexual empowerment coach for women and their men. This required a deep release of fear, shame, perfectionism and self-sabotaging patterns. Training to become a birth doula, and her healing path through marriage, motherhood and entrepreneurship, taught Steena the art of sacred, aligned, sexy success which she now uses in her work with her husband: Movement specialist, Adam Brown.

Steena goes back to where it all started for her, the difference in personalities between she and her mother, how the media shaped her young view of womanhood, and her education surrounding sex and sexuality. She also discusses her views of what kind of partner she wanted based on her perspective of her parents relationship.

She talks a bit about her early dating history, and what it taught her about sex, and herself. Steena also talks about meeting her husband, and how that went, as well as how their spiritual beliefs were aligned, but caused confusion elsewhere in her family.

Alexa and Steena get on the topic of beliefs about sex, and how it can create a lot of problems both in dating and marriage between couples. She feels that the “cut and dry” approach to male and female emotions is misleading, and inaccurate. Alexa also gets onto the topic of healthy communication, negotiation, and having the proper tools to explore sexuality with another person.

Steena talks about sex within her marriage, and not having to acquiesce to sex. She feels that marriage has simplified things for her in terms of sexuality, and given her a degree of sexual security in order to work on things that needed to be worked on.

The conversation continues to flow and unfold as the ladies move into all kinds of emotional and sexual territory. It concludes with Steena explaining what a doula does, and her experience in the field, as well as what kinds of cool things Steena has been up to in her business.


“What does it mean to have the body of a woman?”

“I want a partner who really gets me spiritually”

“Life isn't a step by step.”

“Let's just have sex all day, all the time.”

“it's okay if tonight I don't want to have sex”

“Marriage simplified everything”

“The value of fantasy is so high”

“Who you are and how you connect with other people goes out into every area”