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Dec 7, 2017

Alexa kicks off the episode explaining to the Kaleidoscope how the new season is breaking down, as well as some of the changes that are occurring within the show, as well as the Kaleidoscope at large, and it's creating a metamorphosis for the Violet Butterfly. She also welcomes her guest, Mariessa Mahfouz onto the show, and tells Mariessa (and us) about her experience with Sylk.

Mariessa breaks down the different types of lube and what you should be looking for when you're out shopping. She explains why reading the label is important and what you should be looking for. She and Alexa talk about product safety, and why coconut oil is not a good idea with condoms or toys. They get into many others reasons and ways to be cautious, while still having a blast with your toys.

She tells Alexa what being sex positive, and representing a sex positive brand means to her. They also get into what happens when they find a partner with sex knowledge, including the safety aspect, and how it can lead to mind blowing orgasm.

Alexa asks Mariessa what men think of Sylk, and if the review has been a positive one. She explains that she's heard good things, and Alexa shares her own opinions on the product! She also describes why it's a good idea to choose lubricant that mimics natural lubricant found in the body, and how it can lead to more in depth mental connectivity to sex.

She leaves us off with a personal story, explaining the brand and the fact that it is a family business. She also shares the care that went into and the impact that came out of the brand. Alex caps things off by sharing the direction of the Kaleidoscope, and brings new listeners up to speed on the meaning of the name. Mariessa gets the show's very first encore, and shares an important fact about PH that even men will want to know about.


“The Ripple Effect is really what this is all about”

“There are a lot of lubricants on the market and not all products are created equal”

“For women it is about that confidence and it is about that comfort and safe feeling”

“It's the bliss line, that perfect combination of salty and sweet”

“Why wouldn't you do more things that are going to make the experience better?”


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