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Kaleidoscope Radio

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Sep 7, 2017

Meg Ross is an entrepreneur who has started and run numerous businesses including a Paul Mitchell cosmetology school on Long Island as well as both relationship and business coaching practices. Her passion for launching interesting companies, paired with the idea of creating a thoughtfully curated, sex-positive experience for everyone gave rise to the Nooky Box.

Her favorite sexy topics are how to spice up your life, why porn is so controversial, and why it's important to try new things in the bedroom.



Meg tells Alexa about how she found her way into what she currently does. She talks about how The Nooky Box, a subscription based sex toy service, was conceived.

Alexa gushes over the contents of her Nookie Box, as Meg explains what goes into the selection of items within each box.

They talk about the experience of buying sex toys, and how the box makes the experience a lot less intimidating than going into a sex shop.

Both Alexa and Meg share a laugh over the idea of starting a Kaleidoscope themed box, and the various items and design elements that it would entail.



“It opens up a completely different channel of conversations that need to happen between couples.”

“Make sure you are being the safest you possibly can when you are starting to play with all of these things.”

“If you put a little bit of thought or care into the after, it can make the entire experience so much nicer”

“Yay! Sex!”

“Give yourself a little time to ease into it”