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Jan 18, 2018

Alexa bears all on this episode of Kaleidoscope Radio, and the result is an emotional one. She explains that her story shared is a current one, one that she's experiencing in real time as it develops, and that leaves an uncertainty and vulnerability that she's not used to sharing with anyone, let alone an audience.

Alexa tells about a relationship that dissipated due to distance and a bleak outlook half a year prior to this recording. She describes her rationale in ending things, and felt that it was the correct thing to do because of distance and disconnect. The something happened that she wasn't quite ready to accept. Alexa has been saying that she doesn't want monogamy or a family for a long time, but recently she found a very deep connection with someone and resisted it. Things grew until both of them stopped, and realized they're not looking for the same things. Alexa was devastated, and surprised by that reaction. She uses this experience to set up her relationship and relevance of her guest, Stef Sifandos

Stef spends his days learning to be open to receiving, creating content and reading material, spending time training and in personal practices. He spends his time with beautiful people, whether that's friends, clients, family or strangers. He and Alexa laugh about how difficult it is to sum up what they do in few words, but the always give it their best shot, and how it often gets understated.

Alexa asks him about his connection to the masculine and feminine and how that appears within his work. He describes how he approaches conversation about the two in a way that's not fractured or fragmented, and that he's mindful of his words because he's come from a place that was negative, and he understands that he can use his language, understanding and experience in a way that can allow us to connect as people. He describes the way people can overdo one or the other, and that's it more about finding that steady state of being, and that patience and understanding is crucial is finding your balanced state.

He talks about receiving, and how he was always in a giving energy, and gave so much all of the time that he wasn't putting himself in a place to be receptive of things. Stef shares some of the driving reason behind why some people give, and that they can come from both healthy and unhealthy places. He also addresses a question Alexa asks about heartbreak, and the journey that it is, and how to properly set yourself up to get what you need out of the experience. He also defines and breaks down negative emotions and why it's important to stay with them and then move beyond them.

Alexa further relates her heartbreak to us, as well as Stef, and describes the emotional journey she went though in order to make sense of it all. She shares the highs and lows of the experience, as well as the ramifications it has on the story she's not only told herself, but the entire Kaleidoscope up to this point.


“I'm just good at saying goodbye”

“I hadn't cried that hard in years”

“I help people deal with the issues I was going through at that time, but I didn't have anyone that I could look to that could help me.”

“Ultimately it's about finding that steady state”

“You need to create the space to allow yourself to receive”

“When we take a break from the normality of life, we create space for ourselves”

“Support presents itself in many ways”

“You've been choosing that because it's safe”