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Feb 1, 2018

Dana B. Myers is an award-winning product developer, entrepreneur, author and media personality. As Founder of Booty Parlor, she has changed the lives thousands of women by inspiring them to boost their sensual self-confidence and create sexier, more satisfying relationships. Through her Mojo Makeover books and workshops, Dana helps women reclaim their sensual power and sexual pleasure. Her advice has been featured by Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Parents, Redbook and Allure. Dana has appeared on ABC Nightline, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, The Wendy Williams Show and more.

Alexa kicks off this online love-fest by expressing her appreciation for Dana, and the feeling is mutual! Dana shares the story of her upbringing, and how her household was comfortable with the topic of sex, and how she was the one among her friends who was first to open the sex dialogue, the first to buy sex toys, and the first to truly appreciate her feminine beauty. She then goes on to share how the Booty Parlor came into existence, and the reason why it needed to be in the world.

Dana expands on the journey and growth of the brand, from developing products to hosting parties, and trainings within sex shops. She talks about how much she loved being able to educate and explain to women in person about how to not only utilize the products, but also to feel sexy doing it. The brand has since grown to an international level, and with it came some very unexpected and pleasant surprises. Dana describes the brand as more than just a sex toy business, but in actuality it's more of a confidence business.

She shares the 4 words that play a massive role in keeping sexual desire alive and well within a long term relationship, and how the range of products have been inspired by sensuality, and fulfilling one another's desires and needs. Alexa relates on the topic of desires, and she and Dana both talk about sexual empathy and being openly communicative with your partner in order to have an awesome sex life.


“A lot of times, the pleasure of a woman has kind of taken a back seat”

“I wanted to feel everything there was to feel around sex”

“You've got to feel sexy, you've got to feel confident, you've got to feel empowered before you can then bring that forward into a relationship”

“We underestimate our ripple effect”

“Women are scared to really share the details”

“Our intimate connection is a priority”

“You can't argue with the way someone else feels”


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