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Aug 17, 2017

EJ Love specializes in Tantric Sexuality. After posing the question to her group of followers, the Kaleidoscope, it was obvious to Alexa that she needed to talk to someone knowledgeable about Tantra for Kaleidoscope Radio. EJ has more than a few stories to tell, and brings a new light to the idea of Tantra, and even shares some interesting insight about an experience she had with BDSM.


EJ tells a little bit of her back story and introduce herself, her relationship with sex, swinging, and where tantra fits into the whole picture.

Alexa asks her to share her point of view on the differences between Tantra and the BDSM community, and her thoughts on BDSM in general. EJ shares an experience she had in which she felt that BDSM had a healing nature to it when done consciously.

They discuss couples first getting into erotic play, and where they start and sometimes end. They also discuss the erotic blueprint and EJ explains what exactly it is.

EJ tells the story of her marriage to herself, and talks about the inspiration behind it. She talks about self love and how valuable it is.

She also describes who Tantra tends to help, both male and female, and what variations are available to explore.

EJ and Alexa laugh about a video mishap that occurred when Alexa publicly posted a video about anal sex health to EJ's social media profile.



“I very much associated my sexuality with my self worth and how much I could provide and please him.”

“Sex had become work”

“In my ind, Tantra was meditating and having sex for hours:

“I realized the power that BDSM can have for healing”

“Sex workers have such an incredible ability to heal”