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Aug 10, 2017

Erika Briones is the epitome of turning tragedy and adversity into magic. From heartbreak, trauma and abuse to creating bold, beautiful things in life, Erika has created a massive shift in her life. Her mission is to spread joy, and her message to as many people as possible. Her presence is impossible not to love, and her triumphs are inspirational to no end. She works with people to increase their sexual confidence and deepen their self awareness in order to gain a deeper appreciation for themselves and their partners.



Erika tells Alexa about her upbringing, how she was as a child, and when her world changed to include sexual trauma and cult behavior. She explains when these specific things came to a halt, and where she went from there.

She talks about getting involved with various forms of sex work after college, and what initially made her take that direction upon graduation. She also talks about how she found Tantra and shares what it is.

Erika describes the key moments that created the shift in her life. She gained information and education on the topic of sex and cleared up a lot of her confusion created earlier on in life. She also dives into her first experience with real BDSM and how she came away from that experience with a healthier outlook and feeling about sex.

She talks about what she does now, and how she helps clients move past sexual and emotional blocks. She explains how people find her, and what she aims to accomplish in working with people. She also talks about the parts of what she does that she really enjoys.

Alexa and Erika discuss the pussy, and how they differ from woman to woman, and how cocks differ from man to man, and how it can cause image issues to assume that they should all look similar.

The ladies finish the discussion talking about Erika's sexual confidence coaching, tapping, music and John Mayer. They also talk about letting go of the past in order to move into a safer and healthier frame of mind and body.



“1 in 3 commit suicide, 1 in 3 go mad, and 1 in 3 wake up and tell the world.”

“I did things that most women do when they are feeling scarce and feeling like this is the path that they are supposed to lead”

“I was kind of into pain, and there was something sexual and erotic about it.”

“The more you learn how to save that energy, you're going to notice that your health is going to improve, you'll feel more energetic, you'll have more ideas and you'll live longer.”

“It's perfect to be human and be humble”

“I just fell in love with discovering 'what is my sexuality and what does that look like?'”

“It is a form of therapy”

“Our brain is responsible for our orgasms”

“Not every conversation about sex is sexual”

“You need to let go of the past”