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Nov 9, 2017

Alexa invites JJ Roberts to speak about his book Sex 3.0 in this episode of Kaleidoscope Radio! He describes an around the world trip he took that lead to him having discussions and taking notes that ultimately became his book.

He explains that the experience he gained living the 2.0 lifestyle, along with his experience living the 3.0 lifestyle, and the trip around the world led him to an apartment where he decided to sit down and write a book. The book itself only took 6 weeks to organize, but the content spanned over 2 decades of life and 53 countries worth of cultural experience.

JJ answers questions from the Kaliedoscope posed by Alexa. He talks about women's and men's sexual desire, as well as tribal lifestyle and how families functioned very different without the concept of property.

He also speaks up about the current 2.0 system, and the weaknesses within it. He explains that when you spend your life studying design and engineering things, you become good at spotting a bad design. He also talks about what would replace the 2.0 model, and how it would take a whole different level of thought to achieve a better design.

Alexa asks a few more questions from the Kaleidoscope band JJ teases listeners a little with hints of a future project.


"I couldn't express it very well because I didn't have clarity in my own mind yet."

"I was able to tune in to the things that were not specific to one particular country or culture in relationships, but the things that were universally human"

"As I got better and better at explaining it, more and more people agreed with me"

"to get us from 1.0 to 2.0 took us about 9,500 years."

"Don't underestimate women's desire for sexual variety"

"The rejection of what is can never be a solution by itself"

"If you want to go back to 1.0 you'd have to un-invent the concept of property"

"My mom read my book, and she likes it. She doesn't agree with anything in it, but..."