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Oct 12, 2017

Maureen Pollack is an intimacy coach, devoted wife and mother of 2. She's passionate about women's happiness, whether it comes from pleasure, equality, freedom or self image and respect.

On yeah: She's also the inventor of The Waterslyde

Alexa shares the story of her first experience with pleasure and sensation, which she didn't understand at the time, but in hindsight, she's able to put experience and insight to the situation.

Maureen talks about how she was inspired to invent the Waterslyde, she shares the story of how the prototype began, and how it was received by the first women who tried it out.

She discusses intimacy, and marital practices from other cultures that encourage intimacy within relationships. She talks about how lack of touch can actually create urge and desire within couples and help with intimacy or connection issues.


"I sat on that idea for 15 years, just thinking about how great it would be if the water came to me again"

" would want someone to be super involved and into it"

"That's my whole goal: intimacy"