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Kaleidoscope Radio

A show about sex, love & relationships

Sex advice, sex in the news, random facts about sex and sexuality along with surprise expert guests

Jan 11, 2018

Alexa welcomes the producer of Kaleidoscope radio, Scott Doucet onto the show today! Scott a Podcast producer, consultant and host of the show Podcast Bay. His brand, which shares the name of his show, aims to educate people about podcasting and how to get the job done effectively, with quality and purpose at the forefront. When Scott first got into producing podcasts for other business owners, he found it to be rather boring and flavorless, but once Alexa came along with the idea that was Kaleidoscope Radio, a world of sexy and exciting audio possibilities opened up within his production journey and he was more than happy to accept the challenge.


Alexa congratulated Scotty on his soon to be family and they talk back and forth about how freaked out both of them are by children and the concept of having kids. Scott talks to children like they're tiny adults, and the idea of having children scares the crap out of him. He also explains that sex has become a little weird for him since his wife got pregnant because it almost feels like he has a tiny audience at all times.


Scott and Alexa chat back and forth about their different upbringings, and how that impacted their lives and lead them to who they are today. Scott explains that his relationship with both of his parents is very open, and he can talk to them about anything, even if it's sex related.


Scott brings up a jaw dropping moment on Kaleidoscope Radio that led him to learn that he actually has limitations to what he wants to experience sexually. They talked about Alexa's search history, and a talk that she did at a crypto-currency event about sexual deviancy.


The chat leads to censorship within the media, and Scott voices that it was, and continues to be one of his biggest obstacles and concerns for the production aspect of Alexa's show. Even though she can say whatever she wants to on the air, it becomes a little difficult when writing descriptions and titles, because there is a limit to how open these things can be on places like iTunes.


Alexa and Scott circle back to talk about the Kaleidoscope as a community, and how Scott is a little jealous of Alexa for having such an awesome group of supporters behind her. Scott also brings up how he was a bit worried about how his editor was going to adjust to working on Kaleidoscope Radio because of the open approach to subject matter, but that it ended up becoming his source of sexual education. Scott expresses his appreciation for both Alexa and her guests for putting out a show that helps people ease into situations and learn about them before actually having to experience them first hand and potentially have a bad experience.


Scott gets into some of the podcast episodes that he has particularly enjoyed working on and listening to, and why. He also talks about why working on the show has given Scott's job a lot more meaning and purpose than it had in the days before Alexa's show his his desk. Alexa also shares her most nerve wracking interview and why she was so nervous behind the mic while she was talking to that particular guest.

Finally, to close out this episode of the show, Alexa allows Scott to flip the script and ask a question of his own. He decides to ask Alexa if she's as open as she is accepting of others, or are there things she just won't do?


“Every moment of my life whether I knew it or not was leading me up to working in the audio industry”

“Have you ever had that moment when you walk into a room and realize you're the coolest kid there?”

“I was obsessed with my tally-whacker from the moment I knew it existed”

“I did not know I had hard limits until I heard your show”

“The last thing I want to do is censor you”

“we want something that makes us feel like we matter, and that our job matters, and gives us meaning and validation and this show does that for me”

“Acceptance is everything”