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Jan 25, 2018

Dr. Susie Gronski is a doctor of physiotherapy, a board certified pelvic rehab practitioner, and simply put, she's a physiotherapist for your private parts. She is the author of Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cockblock. She loves the outdoors and snuggling with her boys, her Hubby and fur babies. She's passionate about empowering others to take control of their sexual health, resolving their pelvic pain and fears around pain in general, meditation and spiritual development, education people about their bodies (especially their private parts) and being real... whatever that means!

Dr. Susie kicks off by telling Alexa how she got into the medical field and what inspired her to follow a path into physiotherapy. Pursuing her hunger for knowledge and her thirst for adventure, as well as a shocking moment in which say may (or may not) have peed on herself, she found the field of pelvic health. That covers the hoo hah's, but as for the dangly bits, when guys started coming to her with issues, she decided out of compassion to narrow in and niche down in order to help people with one specific issue: their private parts.

Alexa asks her about the most common issues she faces with Men, and Dr. Susie is more than happy to share the list! She gives quite a few examples of issues that men face, and the role that not only physical health, but also mental health plays in the healing of pelvic issues. She also shares some information about the pain that women experience, and why men aren't looked at with the same eyes women are when it comes to pelvic pain.

She and Alexa talk about the person, place or thing that you keep facing on a daily basis that causes stress, can create and manifest a protective response in the body. It's important to identify the triggers that cause you stress, and work to rectify that issue, as triggers can often lead to bigger health problems if left unchecked. Dr. Susie also mentions that environment plays a role in the healing process.

She gets into the subject of pain, and the fact that it's necessary for survival. She describes that both physically and emotionally, pain is a way to identify something that is wrong for us, or that we shouldn't be doing. She explains that it's a good idea to pay attention to our pain, but also to accept it as well as push beyond it to find a solution. She also talks about pain being a gift because it makes you take action.

Alexa talks about branding, and asks Dr. Susie about her choice of branding and the journey it took to get there. She happily describes the experience of pushing her limits, and taking the plunge to speak her mind within her business and her message. Alexa also talks about authenticity and how important it is to be honest and up front with yourself and your audience. She also accepts and invitation to In Your Pants, Susie's podcast.


“They don't have help, they don't know where to go, and no one will listen to them”

“Without awareness of recognition, how can you change anything?”

“If we didn't have pain, we wouldn't have the ability to survive as a species”

“What we feel in our body is because our brain is telling us to feel it”

“It is a conscious experience, but it's constructed in our brain”

In Your Pants – Podcast