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Jan 4, 2018

Alexa kicks off by sharing how she met Suzie, as well as where this episode will differ from past episodes. She has decided to focus on the dating angle for this show, and therefore helping Kaleidoscope Radio to cover the entire spectrum of Sex, Love and Relationships.

Suzie describes what she does, and how she got into the craziness that is her multifaceted life and career. She explains that everything came about on the tail end of a massive breakup, and accepting ownership over her part what went wrong. She talks about the journey of finding herself again, and how she was able to rebuild herself, and find a purpose that made her truly happy. She shares that once she figured it out, people started to find her as if she was a beacon, because even though she hadn't put anything out there saying that she could coach people through relationship struggles, people started to ask for her help.

Alexa and Suzie chat about the qualities within them that seem to have a magnetic pull that attract certain people who need them into their circle when the timing is just right, and how just being honest, open and expressive has helped them to find the people they love and appreciate in various aspects of their lives. Alexa also shares that she's open to searching for the good in people, and typically will find something she loves within someone. They also talk about self care, balance, and how showing up as your best self actually plays into attraction on every level.

Suzie talks about how important it is to be authentic to yourself, and who you are instead of trying to play into what you believe someone wants. She explains that good looking people often date average looking people because they value things like a big heart and family values more than they value hair extensions and botox. She says that when you allow your inner self to show and radiate outward, you attract the people who are best suited to you and your desires. She talks about some of the things she witnessed while throwing singles events, and how people missed the point of attraction and focused on superficial things, instead of the things that actually matter long term.

Alexa and Suzie discuss why it's so crucial to put effort into getting ready for things, and why taking pride in the way you look, and feel can make a monumental difference in the way things work out for you. Suzie explains that she won't even show up unless she's feeling good because the desired results just won't be there unless she's in the right place physically, emotionally and mentally. She also shares an example of how subconscious habits can impact people far more deeply than they would expect.

Suzie also brings up that the current state of things after the #metoo campaign, men are actually afraid to approach women for fear of being labeled improperly or accidentally misreading a social cue and inadvertently causing a problem. She also stresses that it's so crucial for people to educate themselves on things that they are afraid of in order to create understanding and dispel the fear aspect.

They talk about non negotiable things that they care about, and how being dishonest about what you're into or willing to accept, or settling for something less than you want, almost always fall short or ends badly. Alexa also talks about being open and upfront, and how she doesn't want to get into a relationship and hold back anything about herself, so she feels it's good to lay your cards out on the table and expose your needs, wants, preferences and expectations from a relationship when things start to get serious. They also talk about the difference between lust and love, and how a person's kiss can tell you so much about how they will be in the bedroom.


“We blame the other person all the time, but it takes two to tango”

“When people have had trauma, their empathy and intuition just goes off the charts”

“Are you making sure you're showing up as a well balanced version of you?”

“There are so many hot guys, according to the media, who are with the average girl next door because they don't want high maintenance”

“You can feel when a certain person has walked into the room because they've got that light, and that energy, and that's what people need to find”

“You've got to care about how you wrap the package”

“We show people how we want to be treated”

“Just feel confident in yourself. Own your space.”

“The way they touch you when they're kissing you tells you what they're going to be like in the bedroom”


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