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Dec 28, 2017

Jen Oliver is an Author, Podcaster, Core Transformation Coach and Founder of The Love FitMama Way. Through safe fitness, self care and mindfulness she supports new mums to embrace, nurture and enjoy their motherhood journey. What she is most passionate about is supporting women to love their bodies and love their lives.

She enjoys pelvic floor related talk, how connecting to your deep inner core muscles gives you better orgasms, how to do this using core fitness, and how a deeper connection to your own core gives you confidence in the bedroom and the boardroom as a mom and in life.

Alexa introduces Jen to the show and describes her excitement and discomfort surrounding the topic of sex and relationships after motherhood. Jen describes what makes a Fit Mama  for her, and how she could tie fitness and nutrition into motherhood, in a way that is both nurturing and enjoyable.

She also discusses the core, and what happens to a woman's core during and after pregnancy. She brings up sex during and after pregnancy as well, and what can potentially happen to both partners during that time in a woman's life.

Jen shares some tips, exercises and insights surrounding pelvic floor recovery, and restoring strength and tenacity to your core. She explains that taking the time to to see a professional can make a massive difference in solving a variety of issues after pregnancy. She also shares what to look for post pregnancy, and when your body will heal itself.

She talks about intentions, expectations and obligations. She relates micromanagement, and stress, and how they can all play in together if left unchecked. Jen shares insights about accepting help, and being able to put ourselves first and not stretching ourselves too thin. She describes a breathing technique that strengthens the bond between your mind, your nervous system and your pelvic floor. She and Alexa also debunk the hormone myths.


"I want to gently shock and awe"

"Being a Fit Mama all starts with love"

"These changes don't need to be negative"

"There is so much misinformation and lack of information out there"

"Just because it's common, doesn't mean it's normal"

"When you start with this deep unconditional love for yourself, magic actually starts to happen"

"If anything were possible, what would your ideal situation look like?"

"We live our lives largely by reaction"

"The number one benefit of breathing is calming the nervous system."