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Dec 21, 2017

Alexa and Laureen talk about the impact that Laureen is having in the world, and how it means so much to her to hear about the difference she's making by spreading awareness about HSV. Laureen also describes her experience, and the journey from first contracting Herpes, and the decision to share it with the world in order to heal, educate and empower others. She also explains why she went from silence, to blogging, and finally to video.


She talks about the self perception that people who have contracted something have about being judged, and often people have never given anyone the opportunity to be there for them out of fear of judgment. She also describes the various stages that the herpes virus manifests, and the different ways it takes shape and form. She also shares that some doctors won't test unless there is a physical outbreak and the logic they apply to that decision.


Laureen shares that stress and the nervous system can play a massive part in illness and outbreaks. She also breaks down the different experiences people have with their first outbreak. From zero symptoms all the way to flu-like symptoms and genital discomfort, there is a huge spectrum of experiences that people undergo, and it varies from person to person in terms of frequency and severity.


She breaks down different things that can help with outbreak, and which can be controlled, and which can't. Alexa and Laureen talk about the biology behind the virus, and how it occurs on a biological level both within the body, and on the skin itself. Laureen talks about recognizing symptoms, and how learning how to work with your body when it gives warning signs can vastly impact the experience of living with herpes.


They discuss the importance of disclosing the information of having sores with the people who are going to interact with you in a sexual manner. Laureen shares experiences within her life story where disclosure was crucial and understanding from her partner was even more important.


She talks about the medical aspect of herpes, as well as the shift from STD's to STI's. Alexa and Laureen also explain that doctor's often fall short as far as knowledge surrounding sexually transmitted infections. They talk about the government control of the topics surrounding sex, and how they create distance between patients and medical care providers. They also share resources and sources of valuable information for both adults and teens.


“I'm not condemned to live with this virus”

“Finally, there's someone I can talk about it with who won't judge me”

“Meditation helps a lot”

“From the moment that you have a sore, wherever that sore is, you have to tell whoever is going to interact with that area”

“usually the times you transmit are right before an outbreak or right after an outbreak”

“You need to provide information but also support”

“You are okay”