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Feb 15, 2018

Alexa welcomes Jess onto Kaleidoscope Radio after seeing what was easily one of the most exciting and engaged threads she's ever come across on social media. The threads are a play by play recount of Jess' mission yo get her “number” up to 100. Tons of ladies are letting Jess know that they love her mission, that it excites them, inspires them, and gives them life. Why not invite her here, to talk all about it?

Jess talks about the inspiration behind Jess Hits 100, and asks Alexa what thread she caught. Alexa tells her that it was the airport post, and Jess gives her a live breakdown of what went down, and how much fun it was. She shares a lot of insight, and her own thought process during the adventure, and why heels and hard hats can be an awkward combination.

Alexa asks her to share some of the potentially creepy or awkward situations that this has brought on. Her answer is pretty hocking, and also really informative as she discusses the impact of being so open about her sexuality and get goal.

Alexa starts asking Jess about specific numbered encounters. She takes her on a journey to Argentina, a Bus trip to LA, a play party, and so many other places. She also describes the best sex, and the kinkiest sex that this mission is giving her the opportunity to experience. She also talks about the legendary 44.

She tells Alexa about her big #100 and how it went down, as well as the celebration that followed. The ladies then go on to talk about butt stuff, because what else would make this episode even better than it already was?

Jess gets the opportunity to talk about some of the cool things she's planning to do, and what she wants to work on in the present, and what she's got in mind for the future, she also shares a few ways to reach out and connect with her.



“I didn't want to be 95 one day and not remember when I was young”

“In my head I heard feint alarm bells, it was fine, I got out of there”

“If they were really rude or something, no thank you.”

“I had to tell a man the other day where his G spot is”



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