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Kaleidoscope Radio

A show about sex, love & relationships

Sex advice, sex in the news, random facts about sex and sexuality along with surprise expert guests

Sep 28, 2017

Andre Shakti is a journalist, educator, performer, activist and professional slut living in the San Francisco Bay area. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, destigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission and writes about sex work, queerness, and non-monogamy for Cosmopolitan, Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, Vice, Autostraddle, and more. She can be frequently found marathoning Law & Order: SVU under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she understands how problematic that show is. Andre is the reigning "polyamory pundit" at her non-monogamy advice column "I Am Poly & So Can You!" which you can visit - and submit questions to!

She's passionate about social justice, self expression, democracy, sex positivity, fitness, kindness to animals, the LGBT Community and the issues that impact it.

Andre kicks off the show by telling a story of a former job she had that allowed her the freedom to do both jobs. She also gets into confidence, and how pivotal it can be in many situations.

Alexa and Andre discuss “unconventional” work, and the stigma that surrounds it. They also discuss fear, and how many people are living happily, fulfilled and accomplished lives while leading lives that others may deem “unorthodox”.

Alexa explains how she and Andre became acquainted and what piece of writing drew her to wanting to get Andre on the show.

She talks about having “daddy issues” and how embracing them has actually made a much bigger impact on her life and career than avoiding them has.

The discussion moves into the direction of dungeons, kinks and fetishes, the void that exists in some places, and what it all means. Andre also explains polygamy and describes her relationships.

The uncut discussion continues to wind in and flow into topics like sex positive education and life experiences, Andre moving to the deep south, and fisting.

To finish off, Alexa and Andre express their deep gratitude for one another and close out the show.


“If people see you're not ashamed of something, it puts the ball in your court, it puts you in power.”

“Fear is the unknown”

“Every windfall that you've gotten, you didn't see it coming”

“You have to have each others back regardless of color, creed or orientation”