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Kaleidoscope Radio

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Sep 14, 2017

Ryan Orrock has been studying all things pleasure, connection and relating “consciously” for just shy of a decade now. He loves pleasure in ever form that it appears in. He has made every mistake possible, and finds great joy in supporting others to find their pleasure and path to whatever else they want.


Ryan discusses sensory experiences, and how important they are to our perceptions of intimacy, connection, enjoyment and pleasure.

He goes into his upbringing, and how that impacted his early sexual experiences, as well as what changed in order for him to enjoy intimacy and pleasure in a much bigger way.

He explains energy, and how it can be used to heal, as well as where certain forms of energy work originated. He also shares his perspective on pain for pleasure.

Alexa and Ryan talk about guilt, importer syndrome, and how it can impact various aspects of a person's life. They also discuss the waterfall effect, and a mass sharing and teaching that the world could benefit from.

He gives Alexa a peek at everything he has going on in terms of pleasure, connection, communication and relationships, what he's hoping to solve, and how people can get involved.


“It's so important to learn our sensory experience”

“I have fantasies and dreams about us using erotic energy to do everything from learning languages to saving rain forests.”

“If you wait until you're perfect before you go help anyone, you never will”

“Keep sharing, wherever you're at.”

“We seek pleasure, we avoid pain”

“ I boil everything down to knowing what you want, asking for it, and negotiating”

“We make relationships so complex”

“This is the solution for everything we see on TV”