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Aug 31, 2017

Dane Tomas is a writer, performer and personal development instructor based in Byron Bay, Australia. He is passionate about subjects such as self actualization, sexuality and conscious entrepreneurship and has written several books on these subjects. Dane is the founder of the Integrated Man project and the creator of a powerful system for clearing behavioural conditioning 'The Spiral'.


Dane tells Alexa about what he does, ad the various things he experienced on his way to finding his path and passions.

He talks about sexual discoveries, and how sex played a part in his confidence, connection and life.

Alexa and Dane discuss consciousness, energy and how it all plays into having a deeper connection with both yourself and your partner.

They also get into having open conversations about sexual health and STI's, what is expected of one another, and how to properly set expectations in order to have a better relationship.

Finally Dane discloses the type of sex he's been wanting to explore and what it entails.


"I like to package up ideas that change consciousness in some shape or form"

"Some guy wrote that. What if we test it? Maybe it's wrong. That's kind of been my attitude since day one."

"I think the area that gives me the most direct feedback of my development is how I can navigate my connection with another person."

"It's nice to map the terrain and be honest and open"