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Feb 22, 2018

On this episode of Kaleidoscope radio, Alexa answers the demand of the Kaleidoscope. She asked, you answered and you told her in alarming numbers that you want to learn about Tantra. Alexa's answer? To welcome the lovely Devi Erickson to the show! Devi has a background immersed in traditional Tantric practice, and authentic teachings that she learned from a man who not only studied Tantra for over 30 years, but also learned Tibetan practices that are barely known, let alone taught.

Devi tells Alexa about her entry into Tantra, and how when she moved to Vancouver, people just thought she gave erotic massages. She described the basis, foundation and tradition of Tantra, and the purpose it's meant to serve. She and Alexa also share a giggle over some of the more “enlightened” terms for genitalia in other cultures.

She takes us along for a quick but intense history lesson and describes Tantra using a river metaphor that paints the most beautiful image possible. She also weaves her own experiences into that history and describes the style of Tantra she is knowledgeable in, and how it's origins differ from the more widely known Tantric practices.

Alexa and Devi discuss the topic of tantra as a trend, and the dangers involved with how many inexperienced practitioners there are. She explains that in order to hold the space for someone to heal, you have a responsibility to be trained, qualified and experienced enough to provide that depth of healing. She also explains the importance of knowing your role, and being prepared with the right people on hand to help in any psychological capacity that may be needed. There's more to Tantra than a weekend seminar.

Alexa asks Devi to describe what a session with her looks like, and what comes next is nothing short of beautiful. She describes the depth of connection that people reach just looking into each others eyes, and how heartbeats even synchronize. She also talks about how sex can be once those levels of connection are felt. Alexa relates back and talks about her experience with shallow encounters, and the different things she's been experiencing within her mind, body and sexuality as she grows as a person.



“And the one thing I had never addressed was my sexuality, because I didn't think I needed to”


“Tantra is a path to enlightenment”

“It's not just sex, it's so much more”

“Usually what they're yearning for is connection. That's the missing piece”

“The key to great sex is being present in your body”

If the person does not have a lineage, and does not have a teacher, then they're not practicing or teaching tantra”

“It can be fun without connection, but it's so much better when there is”




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