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Kaleidoscope Radio

A show about sex, love & relationships

Sex advice, sex in the news, random facts about sex and sexuality along with surprise expert guests

Oct 26, 2017

Ryan Thomas is an 11 year army veteran who has dedicated his life to helping people improve and design their intimate lifestyle. He's passionate about teaching and helping people understand themselves so that they can become more empowered, enlightened and intimate beings. He spends his free time rock climbing and...

Oct 19, 2017

Alexa kicks off by talking about an opportunity that recently came her way, and a very deep discussion she got into with some people that really reinforced her mission with Kaleidoscope Radio. She also describes how she and Stewart became acquainted.

Stewart describes the process of learning he was attracted to men, and...

Oct 12, 2017

Maureen Pollack is an intimacy coach, devoted wife and mother of 2. She's passionate about women's happiness, whether it comes from pleasure, equality, freedom or self image and respect.

On yeah: She's also the inventor of The Waterslyde

Alexa shares the story of her first experience with pleasure and sensation, which...

Oct 5, 2017

Laurie Handlers is a film producer, sex educator, author, and intimacy coach. You could call her a Sex and Happiness Coach! If you want to get sexier and happier, call her!

She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate...